Xicom is a Michigan based software development company with over 50 manyears experience and a strong workforce of 150+ experts.

Xicom is a global leader in software development services, fuelled by consummate skills and unequalled commitment to client's success.

Emanating from the technological milieu that is wrapped in avant-garde solutions and accomplished strategy-making, Xicom stays true to the current market structures and keeps a strategic insight into the upcoming trends and demands. Delivering holistic solutions to our far-reaching clientèle, we keep our solutions innovation-driven for the clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Our key assets are characterized by strong technological sophistication and at the core of our endeavors is the objective to nurture relationship with our customers for the growth of their online business.

Why clients choose Xicom?

  • 1Choose from a wide range of over 150+ diversified web and mobile professionals with 5+ years experience.
  • 2Ready to use IT infrastructure with best facilities and less than 24 hours required to get the teams up and running.
  • 3Complete control over team structure, transparent engagement process, onsite project management and comprehensive reporting.
  • 4Established intellectual property protection procedures (NDA) and 100% money back guarantee.
  • 5Complete control over your projects flow (schedules / deliverables). Your project gets developed in 'Agile Environment' which means you see your project being developed in real-time.


Xicom offers a full spectrum of technology services that are distinguished by premium quality and offer you incredible return on investments.

Web Development

Giving your web-based business an adrenaline shot of relevance, Xicom's web development services intend to create a service cannon that perches you several steps ahead of your fastest peers. Focus is delivered on every aspect of the development process and we continually strive to keep our products qualitatively rich.

Mobile Development

Weaving a string of formidable mobile solutions, Xicom's mobile development services facilitate an unmatched combination of cutting-edge technology and industry-relevance. We guarantee a mobile environment that fosters empowered application development, compatible with diverse platforms.

Software Development

Substantiated by our drive to be a trend-setter, Xicom is continually achieving technology breakthroughs and powering clients to remain at the top of their game. Software is the most transformational innovation of last few decades and thus we help you untap its immense value in a manner most effective.

Recent Work

Our portfolio mirrors our capabilities and diverse experience in serving clients across industry-wide domains.

  • GushCloud


    Rewards Program / Mobile Apps

    Gushcloud is an online marketing & community platform that encourages people to share stuff they like in exchange for rewards program from various brands and businesses. The solution offered by Xicom met the exact requirements of Gushcloud's vision and it quickly gained a userbase of 50,000+ registered users within a short period of 3 months. The solution was developed in CakePHP on server side and HTML5 on the client side.

  • Shoemocracy


    Social Networking / iOS / Android

    Shoemocracy is an online social networking platform for shoe lovers where they can share their passion for shoes, share reviews with the community and interact with each other. Xicom designed and developed a professional website and iPhone / Android apps for Shoemocracy. Our solution met the exact requirements of Shoemocracy and helped the site gain a user base of 10,000+ users within a short period of 5 months.

  • Soldiers of Sound

    SOL Republic

    Loyalty Solutions / iOS / Android

    SOLRepublic is a headphone company focused on providing a better music experience through great sound producing products. SOLRepublic wanted to promote the SOLdiers community (SOL Republic users) through the rewards and community platform using social media by integrating it with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, thereby allowing business to get more user base and rewarding users to spread promotions on Facebook and Twitter.

  • PinpoyntHealth


    Healthcare Application / iOS

    PinyPoint is an iPhone and web application for healthcare industry designed and developed for helping patients to specify their medical conditions easily and send it to physicians before scheduling appointments. Xicom developed an iPhone app for patients and a corresponding web application for both patients and physicians. The iPhone application was developed using native iPhone SDK and the entire web application was developed in MVC architecture using CodeIgniter Framework.

  • Repulate


    Social Media Management / iOS

    Repulate Inc. envisioned developing a professional networking web application for reviews and recommendations, social recruiting and career management and it included a heavy search (ideally instant search and auto-complete like Google with an algorithm that determines rankings) and API/widget components (ideally the two sites run off the APIs as well) for smooth user experience.

  • DropBuilder


    Content Management / iOS / Android

    DropBuilder is an online marketplace which allows people to crowdsource ideas, content, and feedback for their business needs and help alleviate some of the issues that entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses face while starting up, or running their own businesses. The complete content management system was developed on MVC architecture using ASP.NET 4.0 Framework and MSSQL 2008 database.

  • Enormail


    Professional Network / iOS

    Enormail is a professional networking website that allows individual experts within different industries to communicate and collaborate with each other using the platform. Enormail also serves as a medium for marketing whereby members can post their iDocs and publications and also allow members to post articles and upcoming seminar details. The solution was developed in MVC platform using Zend Framework.

  • Perfect View

    Perfect View

    Travel Booking / Mobile Apps

    Perfect View is a website for a travel company that organizes tours and hotel bookings across the world. The site is powered by an advanced Content Management system and online booking engine that allows users to make real-time reservations in over 10,000+ hotels around the world. The solution was developed in CakePHP (MVC Framework) using PHP on the server side in conjunction with the Facebook Canvas App.

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Clients Speak

We embrace the client feedback earnestly. Here is how they feel about our services

  • John Morrone

    Vice President /

    Xicoms' creative use of technology has helped us diversify our business model and generate revenue from different sources other than our core services. Their quality-assurance capabilities, development processes and 24/7 support have helped us achieve significant cost savings.

  • Vincent Ha

    Co-Founder & CEO / Gushcloud

    Xicom has demonstrated a high degree of flexibility, scalability and service orientation to enable us meet the strategic goals for some of our largest IT initiatives. Their commitment, excellence and ability to work with us to envision our overall program, has made a tremendous difference.

  • Sunil Subedar

    VP Operations / SOL Republic

    In our long relationship with Xicom, we have witnessed a significant expansion in the range of products and services they are capable of supplying. Continuity, stability, and a professional attitude are what we expect of a development partner, and Xicom delivers on all of these fronts.

  • Jason Begleiter

    Director / PinyPoint

    Xicom is a professional company and they have demonstrated a high degree of flexibility and scalability to enable us meet the strategic goals. The team showed sheer commitment and executed the project in a very smooth manner meeting all the requirements and in the timeframe provided.

  • Mark Pullen

    CEO & Director / Ecater

    Understanding the needs of customers is the Key to any successful business. Xicom perfectly understands these needs and knows how to translate them into applicable strategies. We believe that Xicom has the advantage of deep domain expertise and provides industry's best ROI.

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Our valued Brands / Agencies

Our Process

We create a higher level of reliability in our solutions.
While you focus on your core business process, we strengthen your services.

Define Requirements

We introduce our team which is outstanding in each field such as planning, design, publication and development. Our analysts will thoroughly review your project requirements and locate a development team that is best suited for your project.

Design Product

We define a 3-stage process starting from conceptualization of sketches, followed by screen design, then working prototypes to create an impactful, custom look for your application. All designs are created fresh with unlimted revisions for 100% satisfaction.

Development / QA

Creating a product is merely the first step. Our entire team works together to continually refine it, verifying and rigorously testing everything to ensure both client and end-user satisfaction before launching final product in the online marketplace.

Deployment / Launch

We oversee all technical aspects of product launch, then continue to remain dedicated to client success and future partnership by continuous monitoring to find potential areas of improvement and further enhancements as new technologies emerge.

Infinite Possibilities

We see a world where intersection of data and technology will create infinite possibilities, and we strive to cash in on them most perfectly.

Unleashing Growth Opportunities

Xicom's technological innovation is a result of its constant pursue of uninterrupted growth and a drive to manufacture new business opportunities.

Actionable Implementation

Deploying the best-in-class processes, Xicom creates a service environment that is creditworthy and encourages proactive, business-focused implementations.

Intelligent Security

Our technological sophistication branches out to the security facet as well. We make sure that each access is appropriately authenticated and secured at all levels.

Multi-dimensional Solutions

We don't remain confined to developing single-faceted applications and solutions and rather focus on the versatility and dynamism of services.

Lifetime Updates & Support

24/7 customer service and support is unfailingly on the agenda of our highly dedicated teams. Working by the clock is not how our engagements roll.

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